Thursday, February 9, 2017

Methods On How To Become Responsible As French Bulldog Breeders

By Carolyn Kennedy

French bulldogs have gained popularity for their city lifestyles such as being friendly, having low maintenance, and being loving. And aside from these, bulldogs are being also as playful, small, and intelligent dogs, having their adorable types of bar ears and of short muzzles. These dogs are in demand now, and for this reason, many breeders have decided on taking those cheap but irresponsible ways in generating these bulldogs.

But these actions can never make them a reputable breeder. In order to become one, they must need to put the dogs first before profit through practicing good techniques of breeding, taking good care for their litters, and becoming rigorous when it comes to their customer interactions. So here are some steps on how to become responsible French bulldog breeders Missouri.

Finding some foundation stocks for the breeding. Be sure that an appropriate type of female is being chosen. Have one who is healthy and verify whether the parents have their health certifications. The certifications show they do not have genetic defects and if established pedigrees were used for them, and thus, ensuring that they are in quality lineage.

To find the right stud. There are some breeders who would rather prefer to seek out some services from other male dogs than owning them. They would usually look for them at dog shows or breed publications. The way on how a male dog was taken will never matter as long as its breeder is reputable.

To breed a female dog. The mother must be taken for some veterinary check ups for ensuring she is healthy for pregnancy. Vaccinations such as canine distemper and as well as parvovirus are important. Better check also if she does not have intestinal worms, heart worms, or other parasites and diseases. Prenatal supplements would be recommended such as vitamin E, folic acid, and iodine.

Track her fertility cycle. You need to know the right season on when to breed her effectively. You can easily determine that she is in heat because she will start to spot and display an irritable behavior. Bring her to the veterinarian to know if she is already ovulating, and if it is confirmed, do the breeding. At the start of pregnancy, pamper the dog through keeping her well hydrated, well nourished, and clean.

Caring for them and selling them. Set up the whelping box. The box is often rectangular in form and this must be enough for keeping the puppies in. This must be provided with a soft and a clean bedding and as well as source of heat. Always monitor them. Place them in the box together with their mother but be sure to watch over them constantly.

Feed the puppies very well. After the puppies are born, feed them immediately and do this after every 2 to 4 hours. Make sure they are defecating and urinating properly. These type of bulldogs do no know how pee and to poo when born. So the mothers are going to stimulate these actions by licking on their genitals and their anuses after every mealtime. If mothers cannot be able to do this, do it by wetting some cotton balls and rubbing them to the genitals.

Usually, puppies are being sold when they reach the age of eight to ten weeks old. The age is enough that they become healthy and well socialized. However, this may still be very young to experience attachment problems like adjusting to the new home. Be sure that you have taken them to the veterinary for ensuring the puppies have healthy conditions and free from some defects.

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