Friday, February 24, 2017

Victims Receive Help From Accident Lawyer Philadelphia PA

By Lyndon Zerna

When an individual is hurt or killed in an automobile incident, contacting an accident lawyer Philadelphia PA is advisable.

Pennsylvania has a Choice No Fault law, meaning that you will most likely carry no fault insurance, so you cannot sue, or be sued, unless a serious injury or death has occurred. Also, the statute of limitations on cases for both wrongful death and serious injury in Pennsylvania is extremely tight - only two years - so action needs to taken as quickly as possible.

When someone has been seriously injured, obtaining an attorney should be one of the first actions taken. The definition of the term "serious injury" is not always cut and dry, so getting advice on whether or not the situation falls under the No Fault umbrella, is important.

These attorneys have the necessary experience and knowledge to determine whether a person's situation is applicable. Most will provide an initial consultation for no charge and, should the case be on that needs to be pursued, take it on contingency, which means they only get paid if they win. This gives them proper motivation to do their best work.

In a lot of cases, the other party or their insurance company will settle out of court, but they are more likely to do so quickly if you have a lawyer, as it shows that you are more likely to be dedicated and serious about not going away if ignored.

Hiring an attorney as soon after an auto incident is important, particularly if there was a death involved. One should keep in mind that even though two years for a statute of limitations might seem like plenty of time, when it comes to legal matters, this is a very limited window of opportunity. A law office experienced in personal injury cases and wrongful death suits can help victims, or their families, get the compensation they deserve.

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