Thursday, March 30, 2017

A Riverside CA Motorsports Dealer On Jet Ski Care And Maintenance

By Carla Bergoba

There is almost nothing that compares to the excitement of speeding over water and having fun with friends and family. A jet ski is a wonderfully exciting way to experience this sensation. Safety is always a priority and a Riverside County CA Motorsports Dealer can give valuable tips.

In order to keep your jet ski operating at top peak performance, it is necessary to make sure your jet ski gets the correct care and maintenance while it's on land. A Riverside County CA motorsports dealer can give you some tips about proper jet ski maintenance and care.

The maintenance of engine fluids is a key part of taking care of jet skis. The older models with 2-stroke engines require the premixing of the oil and fuel. New designs feature a 4-stroke engine in which these two factors are kept separated. Before using the machine for the first time of the season, be sure to check this situation carefully. If no stabilizer was added when it was put into storage, one will need to be added when prepped for use, as well as a fuel cleaner. Responsibly dispose of any old fuel.

If the machine has been idle all through the winter, it may be best to get a tune up from a qualified technician. Both two and four stroke engines need inspections of their wear ring, prop, and anode, a fuel drain, oil and filter change, ride and visual plate inspection, and checks on the coolant, compression, and extinguisher.

They can also do a tune up including spark plugs, prop service, engine or top end rebuild, a valve adjustment, supercharger R&R, or a pump replacement or rebuild. A CA motorsports dealer Riverside County can check for any damaged or loose parts, including wires, trim, and throttle cables. They can clean the seat and windshield to prevent staining or corrosion. They can add grease to bearing fittings and all seals, plus lubricate all the parts.

To have the maximum number of years to enjoy the excitement of riding jet skis, it is important to always keep it properly maintained.

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