Thursday, March 23, 2017

Points To Look At When Building Schools In Africa Slums

By Stephen Snyder

Education is an important aspect of development around the world. An excellent way of which education can be improved is through the construction of several schools in an area. This should be a primary factor to consider especially in places that are in the countryside. Slums are places where people commonly lack education since there are less learning institutions. Building schools in Africa slums has nowadays become common as a way of embracing development.

These projects are organized by governments, non-government organizations and even parents. It is important for the government to provide a favorable learning environment to people especially those living in shantytowns. The design of the classrooms matters. A noisy and crowded class can be uncomfortable for pupils demoralizing them from learning. When erecting these building, the following are issues that must be considered.

Many children live in the slums. It is the responsibility of every parent to ensure that their kids are receiving a quality education. As such, the rooms that are built are supposed to be big enough for all the children. A large space will provide comfort and a favorable atmosphere for learning. It should also provide a small office for the teachers.

A building project can cost a lot of money. Hence, the firms that are providing the funds for the construction are supposed to find ways to which they can reduce the costs. Cutting down the costs will provide enough cash to increase the number of the classrooms. Nonetheless, quality is a significant factor to prioritize. The individuals who are providing money should put in mind that enough cash should be set aside for maintenance services.

Many slums do not have a stable supply of electricity. In other areas, the cost of using electric power can be too expensive. This is why many places use the natural illumination. Therefore, the construction should involve enough lighting. Glasses may be dangerous for small children when they break. A proper consideration can be using wood for the windows. Lighting should be sufficient to provide comfort in classes.

The materials for construction are many for these kinds of schools. However, the materials to be used depend on their availability in the area. The project should thus use the materials that are cheaply available to reduce this cost. The climate of the area can be used to determine the kind of materials to be used.

There should also be the availability of social amenities like consistent water supply. Having enough water in small institutions and enough sanitation services is essential. The institutes ought to have enough toilets for the children and teachers. If having tap water is a challenge, a borehole can be drilled to ensure that the supply is consistent.

Maintenance of the schools is essential. The administration or the directory body should come up with a plan on how they are going to maintain the school in good condition. Keeping the schools safe and comfortable for the pupils is essential in encouraging them to learn more. A schedule is also necessary for rectifying the defects.

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