Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The Benefits Of Geometric Artwork

By Robert Walker

Islamic decorations are comprised of geometric patterns but lack figurative images. These patterns have been on the use for many centuries. The designs involve combinations of repeated circles and squares. At times, they tend to be interlaced and overlapped. Geometric artwork occurs in different types in architecture and in Islamic art. They are common in ceramics, stained glass, metalwork, woodwork and kilim carpets.

Figurative images are not allowed in this kind of an art to ensure people do worship them. Most of the patterns used originated from Sasanian, Greek and Roman. Islamic decorations comprise arabesque, calligraphy and geometric pattern. One of the commonly visible patterns is 8-pointed star. It has two squares. There is also the presence of polygons such as pentagons and octagons. Various patterns and shapes arise especially if are combined as expected. Drawing is usually done with the help of compass and a ruler.

Bowls and even plates associated with this religion are usually decorated using geometric patterns. Artists draw radial shapes to ensure the intended message is passed. At times, the drawings indicate flower petals and also stylized leaves. Jugs together bowls have circular bands around them. Nowadays, some designers use patterns, styles and shapes to come up with logo designs and also vector art.

Islamic art plays an important role in the Islamic religion. It is normally made for the purpose of spiritual and religious expression and devotion. The art is not used to either tell or express a personal message or story of a particular artist. It is intended to express Islam teachings through miniature painting and calligraphy. It helps in impacting the worship positively.

Various patterns are made by Islamic artists. If one looks at them without paying much attention, he or she may think that they are not related. However, this is not true. All the patterns have a clear relationship when it comes to issues such as structure, harmony and symmetry. The patterns are not just drawn anyhow but there are steps that must be followed when being drawn.

It is important to understand that geometry plays an important role within the art. It acts as either the guideline or the foundation. For the case of calligraphy letters are made following geometric measurements that are strict. The reality is that the art has the inner and also the outer meaning within it. Every number of shapes used during the drawing is well thought of and has a particular meaning.

As a member of the Muslim religion, consider applying appropriate effort so as to learn and understand both the inner and outer message conveyed by the art. Artists normally use natural materials when making these kinds of patterns. Most get into their dreams with the help of natural pigments. They dislike using readymade paints because of high percentage of unnatural chemicals present in them.

Every Islamic artist in New York has the duty of inspiring and educating people around him or her. Artists should work hard to ensure people around them abide by the traditions of Islam, which require them not only to respect, but also to love the Islamic art. They are expected to use their talent to show the beauty of the religion.

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