Tuesday, March 7, 2017

There Are Siberian Kittens Cats For Sale Georgia Pet Owners Recommend

By Cynthia Richardson

Before you decide to add a pet to your household, you need to carefully consider your lifestyle, financial situation, and the amount of time you have for animal care, feeding, and exercise. There are all kinds of living things that people call pets. Some have traditional dogs, while others have fish, reptiles, and rodents. Cat people might be interested in looking into the purchase of one of the Siberian kittens cats for sale Georgia pet owners love.

Unless you are going to show them professionally, a cat tends to be a fairly low maintenance pet. Most of them sleep for a good portion of the day, and don't have any interest in being walked. They only have to know where the litter box is to be trained to use it. They are probably going to require less of their owner's time when it comes to grooming and attention. If you want an animal to come when you call it though, a cat may not be the right choice.

If you have your heart set on a purebred animal, you should consider the advantages of Siberians. These felines originated in Russia many years ago. They were valued for their rat killing skills on behalf of farmers and city dwellers. It was widely held that Siberians had magical powers of protection over children, and they were the subject of many old folk tales.

Most adult Siberians are very large. The males can weigh up to twenty-five pounds. Many people mistake them for Maine Coons, but this is another breed. Their heads are shaped differently, and their ears and eyes are unique to them. Because Siberians originated in the coldest regions of Russia, they developed extremely thick coats to protect them from the harsh climate.

Siberians are playful and friendly. They like attention, but are not the kind of animal that requires it all of the time. They are tolerant of other family pets and are willing to share water and food bowls most of the time. Siberians are jumpers and climbers though. They may destroy breakable treasures left unattended in bookcases and on cabinet tops. These are intelligent animals that can find toys like puzzles and lasers fun and challenging.

These pets can be wary of strangers, but that usually doesn't last long. They are friendly and sociable. They are also good with young children who can occasionally get a little rough. Siberians are patient and know when it is time to make themselves scarce. Although they like to be noticed, they are not animals that require constant attention.

Siberians do have a health drawback. They are prone to have a heart condition in which the heart muscles thicken. This can shorten their lives significantly. Before you purchase one of these felines, you should insist the breeder produce paperwork verifying there is not a genetic history of the disease.

Pets can add a lot to a household. Many of them become like another family member. Before you commit to such a responsibility however, you should think carefully.

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