Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Tile Patterns For The Everyday Person

By Jonathan Antinoro

When installing tile in any area you'll have to first choose a layout. There are many to pick from so you will want to read up before you make any decisions. Here are the the top considerations you'll want to take a look at and think about regardless of where your project will be.

When picking your layout you will want to think about what shapes you want it to have. Some may use square shapes, while others use rectangular or even octagonal ones. There are also wall and floor tile patterns that use multiple shapes. So be sure to take some time and think about which if any you prefer because this will make a big difference in the layout you pick.

Colors can play a major role in many patterns and how they are perceived. The checkerboard for example uses alternating black and white tiles. This not only creates a classic feel but also serious contrast. While the layout you choose may not require specific colors you may want to think about using them to help you reach the goals you have for your space.

The size of the tiles you choose can have a big influence in how your installation looks. You will need to think about what size will work with your space before you pick a layout. You may also want to consider choosing one with multiple sizes. A few tile floor patterns like the Versailles include many different sizes used together which can create a stunning effect.

Many homeowners are partial to more basic layouts. These are often much easier to install and can be a great way to get some DIY experience. They also can look fantastic especially with the right material. A simple tile pattern like the straight lay used with marble or onyx for example can be absolutely breathtaking. But don't overlook modern materials like glass or porcelain either.

Some people prefer the look of intricate layouts. If this is the case with you, you'll be happy to know that there are many complex tile installation patterns to choose from. The herringbone which looks like the bony skeleton of a fish is one of them. Another fabulous option is the windmill which will remind you of the blades of a windmill spinning in the wind.

Keeping these basics in mind will help you choose a tile pattern and be successful with it. However, now that you know them don't be afraid to ask advice from a pro before starting your project or purchasing any tiles.

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