Thursday, March 30, 2017

Understand Legal Rights After A Car Accident With The Help Of A Brooklyn Accident Attorney

By Elinor Hain

After a car accident, it is important to know and understand your legal rights. A Brooklyn accident attorney can help

In No Fault states like New York, following an automobile incident, the victim's only option is to go through the sometimes lengthy process of submitting a claim to their personal insurance. Only when one has been disfigured, or seriously injured, are they able to sue the responsible party. A qualified lawyer will be able to review the case and advise whether there is sufficient cause to file suit.

Because legal issues can be wrought with complexities, obtaining the services of a lawyer who focuses on personal injury and automobile related accidents, is advisable. They will have the knowledge and experience necessary to know whether the case is plausible, and most will work on contingency, which tends to motivate them to focus on getting the best settlement.

No matter if little damage was done, or if it is still unclear whether or not a suit will be filed, one's insurance company is likely to require the submission of a the police report. These situations have a window of only three years during which they can be pursued, so contacting a lawyer as soon as possible following the incident is important.

Make sure to document all repairs and medical expenses, and realize that you do have rights - and that it is not always wise to just let the "no fault" system (which will not give damages for, for example, pain and suffering) take care of it. You should not let yourself be a victim a second time - of your or their insurance company - but should call a qualified lawyer right away to find out what your next steps should be.

Making sure to retain quality legal representation is the first, and wisest step in ensuring that the rights and interests of a vehicular incident victims are protected.

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