Thursday, March 16, 2017

Without A Criminal Lawyer Hopewell VA Accused Are In Trouble

By Paul King

Facing criminal charges and, worse, being arrested must be among the most stressful experiences any normal human being will ever suffer. Law enforcement agencies nevertheless arrest numerous ordinary people every year. These people face charges of tax evasion, driving under the influence or any of a large number of white collar crimes. The majority of those arrested are not accused of violent crimes. When hiring a criminal lawyer Hopewell VA residents will have professional representation in court.

Every citizens, even those that are accused of committing the most terrible crimes have certain rights that are protected by the constitution. One of these rights is to refuse to answer questions or make statements to the police without their attorneys present. Legal experts agree that it is important to insist on this right. It is all too common for accused to say something that will be harmful to their case at a later stage.

As soon as he is appointed, the attorney will make sure that the arrest was legal and that every rule has been followed in the process. If there are discrepancies he will often be able to have the charges against his client dropped. The attorney will also examine the facts that lead to the arrest and he will interview his client to get his side of the story.

The next priority of the attorney will be to arrange bail for his client. Unless the charges against the client is very serious, or if there are reasonable grounds to suspect that he will hinder the investigation or flee from justice, bail is routinely granted. The attorney will arrange for the services of a bail bondsman if the client is unable to put up the required bail amount.

Once released, the accused will be well advised to make sure that he does not break any condition of bail. If he does, he faces arrest once more and he will not be granted bail again. He will forfeit the money he originally paid for bail and he will be charged with more crimes. If there is any uncertainty, it is best to first check with the attorney.

The biggest mistake that many accused makes is to be dishonest with their attorneys. They are scared to admit to incriminating facts and they either lie or they omit the facts. This can have serious consequences because without all the facts the attorney cannot present a proper defence. Being caught out in a lie in court can have a seriously negative effect.

Because the courts are swamped with cases waiting to be heard, it is often possible to finalize the case without even appearing in court. This is done through plea bargaining. The accused agree to a sentence that the attorney negotiated with the prosecutor and he pleads guilty. The entire matter is finalized in chambers and the accused save a considerable amount in legal fees.

The cost of a protracted case can be astronomical. The cost of trying to save money by representing oneself can be much, much higher. Nobody should ever defend themselves in court, not even qualified attorneys. It is best to have a qualified, reputable defence attorney that can act objectively and without emotion.

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