Saturday, April 1, 2017

A Guide To Becoming A Georgia Paralegal Specialist

By Frances Hill

Paralegals handle a number of tasks for lawyers. Their duties usually vary from one employer to the next, but generally range from drafting letters to organizing documents. If you want to jump-start your career as a Georgia paralegal specialist, here is what you need to know.

Get a degree. Most law firms prefer candidates with an associate degree or a post baccalaureate certificate in paralegal studies. To qualify for any of these programs, you need to have high school diploma. Keep in mind that you may not be able to enroll for certain courses if you possess an online diploma. It is therefore important to confirm the requirements of the school you are interested in first before applying.

There are a few things to take into account before choosing a program. Perhaps, the most important factor to look into is accreditation. You should be sure that you only undertake a course that has been accredited by the American Bar Association. This is a regulatory body that only grants accreditation to institutions that meet set training standards ideal for the industry.

Choose an area to specialize in. There are many legal practice areas that you can seek to specialize in depending on your interests or passion. To enjoy great prospects, it is advisable to settle for an area that is highly demanded in your area. Go through latest job listings to help you figure out what most employers are looking for.

Get certified. Although not all employers will insist on certification, it definitely gives you an advantage above other job seekers. Certification is offered by The National Association of Paralegal Assistants. Becoming a certified practitioner is definitely a great idea once you have acquired your degree. It also offers you important skills that you need to jump-start your career.

Develop valuable additional skills. Having a degree is important and so does having other skills such as effective communication, time management and writing. Still, you should also learn how to make good decisions and solve problems. Additionally, you should have knowledge on using a computer. Therefore, when choosing a college to enroll at, go for a place that will help you develop the said skills.

Seek an internship opportunity. To become easily employable, you need to have had some kind of experience in a law firm environment. If you find an internship opportunity, you will get training from practitioners who have been in the field for long. As an intern, you will be expected to complete several administrative duties like filing and answering phone calls. These duties will definitely be good for your resume.

Design a good resume and apply for jobs. Before seeking any vacancy, you should be sure that you have an impressive curriculum vitae. The document is what you will use to market your skills to prospective employers. It should therefore indicate your qualifications, skills, career objectives and experience among other things. You can work in many places that include public defense offices, property firms and law firms.

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