Monday, April 10, 2017

Finding An Expert Witness Mechanical Engineering

By Joseph Patterson

You certainly need a lawyer and his help when you are engaged in a legal procedure. They have the knowledge that could be essential in the court. But even they need the help of others who are experts on things they do not know about.

There are instances that you seek out for justice and compensation due to an accident caused by a faulty design of a particular machine. When these things happen, you need an expert witness mechanical engineering Illinois to help your case out. So here are some things you and your counsel should do in order to find the perfect witness in Chicago, Illinois.

Research your experts thoroughly and gather data about them. Look them up on every possible places that they could have been mentioned and check if they have made any contradictory statements against their own testimony. They are human too and sometimes opinions change after a while and their point of view before might be different from now but it still can be used against your case so do some digging.

Look for published works if any that they have that could possibly contain contradictory statements from them. These can be used also against your case and hurt his credibility. You can use this on your advantage as well if their works have been well received among his peers and did receive critical acclaim.

Find someone who does not only have the technical knowledge but the practical experience too. It is also advantageous if they have an experience in litigation but this is not necessary. Those who has experiences in legal processes may look and sound bias according to the jury so this should be considered as well.

The witness must also be able to explain the difficult technical terms or processes to the jury. The experts are there to educate them regarding the complex matters that they may not understand due to their lack of experience about it. He should be able to do this in a manner that could easily be understood by anyone listening about it for the first time.

Look for someone who is credible and is capable of leaving a good impression on the jury. It is essential that despite his likability, he would also have the look of seriousness that could work to his advantage. He must be charismatic and skillful in presenting the needed information and can easily make good rapport to the jurors.

Inform your witness with all the necessary details that he could use in making his opinion. Do not assume that some information are not needed by an expert in forming his opinion so present to him all the available ones. Failing to do so may backfire and will do more harm than good on you instead.

Communication with your witnesses is very important to assure the effectiveness of his testimony. Some experts tend to unintentionally sound condescending and arrogant when explaining complex things to the jurors and this would result in an unfavorable response. Discuss this with them and work this things out so they could give the testimony as best as possible.

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