Sunday, April 2, 2017

How To Handle Jesus In Homeschooling

By Ryan Sanders

The education system is slowly removing religion from the curriculum. It gets worse when derogatory terms are thrown around to describe believers and creationism. Parents who mean good for their children have no option but to instill Jesus in homeschooling. This is an opportunity to have a positive impact and inculcate Christian values in a kid at the earliest age. You will save the young mind from confusion that comes with a virtue deprived public schooling system.

Home schooling offers many other advantages. This is your only chance to take charge of the knowledge that your child interacts with, ensuring that it is in line with admissible moral principles. The behaviors of your children will never surprise you since you controlled their formation. Even if the curriculum is determined by the government to a certain extent, you are the one delivering it and will therefore determine the mindset of your kid.

It is fun to learn at home. Children do not have to dread that trip to school every morning, an insensitive teacher, bullying and other ills that go unchecked in public schools. Your child grows knowing that learning is fun. This will inspire him or her to pursue education further and be curious in life. After all, the future belongs to those who will love to learn.

Children who school at home have extended interactions with family members. This helps to nurture and strengthen their bond. It becomes easy to inculcate virtues and specially love and respect for the family. This is the idea that was propagated by Jesus in the bible through all his teachings. You will bring up a child who has respect and can nurture a family as well.

The content of public schooling is determined by governments and learning institutions. The child is only left to follow a routine. The schedule does not appreciate changing seasons, ability and even the feeling of the child. Allowing a child to school at home gives you a chance to enhance such talents as athletics, art, music and others that are given little importance in public systems. This grows the confidence of your child tremendously.

There are so many ills in school today. They range from drugs to growing violence that are likely to affect the future of your child. All these virtues go against Christian belief and affect the future of the kid. The best way to avoid them is to school the kid from home. You have all the time to not only teach but demonstrate with your Christian life.

Biblical teachings emphasize on character as opposed to public displays. This means elements ingrained in a child other than superficial pretense. At home, you spend all the time with the child and can thus monitor and correct character flaws. There is no chance of copying bad behaviors from classmates or adults like teachers and workers in the school.

Faith and belief mold the character of children. With their removal from public curriculum, it is uncertain where children are expected to draw their morals from. Homeschooling becomes your best option if you want to bring up children who are virtuous and of a solid character. By controlling his early learning environment, you provide a solid future for the child.

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