Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Making The T Shirts Smitten With The Mitten And Some Useful Tips

By Dennis Jones

To design your own tshirt could be so much fun and is being considered as a creative activity. This may possibly bring you money as well once you have decided on selling your designs. It is up to you on what your choice is when it comes to printing. Whether you will be the one to do the printing or hire someone who is professional enough to do it.

However, both the processes of printing and of design could be done in the home through some specified steps and tips. Make sure to choose the right tshirt printing and design which you think is preferable for you. Common examples are stenciling, heat press, screen printing, bleaching, etc. The Michigan t shirts smitten with the mitten are considered as one very popular design in Michigan.

Design planning. Mostly, tshirt designers often are thinkings to have meaningful concepts. Aside from that, other versions are also being made by them, based on the trending concepts which are surely attention grabbing. The pictures and texts that are used often convey some particular messages, while some are created meaningless.

Color. Be sure to use the proper combination of colors so that best results can be achieved. Make sure to use opposite colors of both backgrounds, texts, and pictures. This would simply mean that light colors of text and dark colors of background must be paired and also vice versa. Do some researches about some useful tips about combining colors properly.

Dimension. Consider the proper layout during this process so you can be able to acquire the dimensions accurately to both your shirt and design. With this, the design can properly fit to the shirt. And thus, saying both size and balance are to be importantly considered. Never create huge designs for smaller sized shirts.

Proper placement. Specify in your layout the exact positioning of particular designs, it may be in front, at the back, or on the side. But whatever the position is, the important thing here is for it to be seen. Keep it simple yet attractive and try to make it an eye catching one.

Layouting is mainly composed of two different techniques. These include using computer systems and free hand techniques. Specific applications or soft wares will be installed to these systems. Make sure your programs are up to date and acquire the newer versions having new features to use.

Texts. Adding texts can be done much easier compared to the manual drawing process. With new technologies, you just have to type the texts and choose for the desired font. Avoid on having those very long contexts. Just keep it short and readable, meaning, make use of the right sizes.

Prototype. It is very similar to layouting in which this will be followed in creating the final project. But with the computers, this is called as the prototype. In terms of free hand, this is considered as the sketch. This is a preliminary model that will later be developed or copied.

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